Top Causes of a Faulty Ignition Switch

29 Oct

Top Causes of a Faulty Ignition Switch

Starting your car seems like a flawless process. It is as simple as inserting your key, turning it, and the engine starts roaring, ready to run. However, beyond that flawless process is a set of complex mechanical and electrical mechanisms working together to start the car. One of them is the ignition switch.

The car's ignition switch works together with the car key to send signals to the batteries for the car to start up. When it develops a fault, it means that your car is likely not going anywhere!

So to avoid second-guessing what must have gone wrong, we will be looking at the top seven annoying causes of a faulty ignition switch to watch out for.

Key Problems

One of the reasons your ignition switch may not be turning or would not respond is keys. Car keys are designed to work hand in hand with the ignition switch, and if the key develops a defect due to wear and tear, the ignition switch won’t budge.

Broken Key

A broken key in the ignition lock means you can only get your car to start if you contact an experienced locksmith.

Wrong Car Key

Also, you have to keep in mind that another car key won’t get your car started, so ensure that you are using the right key for your car. Before dealing with a faulty ignition switch, ensure your key is not worn out, broken, or different from the original key.

Worn Ignition Cylinder

Mechanical equipment wore out after some time. This is due to the moving parts, and the friction caused. The ignition cylinder is directly tied to the ignition switch, which means that the cylinder must be in good shape for the switch to work. Therefore, a faulty ignition switch may be tied to a worn-out ignition cylinder. In this case, an ignition replacement is the best choice. Fortunately, A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith is at your service for all ignition related issues.

Immobilizer Problems

In modern vehicles, the immobilizer communicates directly with the transponder chip to confirm some fixed set of data before the car can start. If the data is incorrect, the immobilizer will flag it as a theft attempt and lock the engine, which means the ignition switch will be rendered useless.

Faulty Wafers

The car’s ignition is made up of some set of wafers that interlocks with the key’s groove to start the switch. If the wafers develop a fault, the grooves will not be aligned correctly, leading to a faulty ignition switch.

Steering Wheel Binding

Steering wheel binding happens when one turns the steering wheel after the engine has been turned off. If that happens, the ignition switch won’t come up because the car will assume that there was an attempted theft.

Installation or Manufacturing Mistakes

While the automotive industry has evolved, it is possible to make mistakes. For example, some parts of the car may be faulty from the onset and cause major challenges. Therefore, the last reason for a faulty ignition switch may be a mistake during assembly or manufacturing.

Are you dealing with ignition switch trouble? Contact the A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith for your ignition replacement and other lock services.

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