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A Beginner’s Guide To Physical Access Control

Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner looking to increase your property’s security, physical access control has many benefits. However, we realized that not many people know about this system or don’t have…

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Why Do You Need A Car Alarm?

Car alarms are helpful in many areas of our lives. However, people don’t use them very often, so they consider them an unnecessary expense. Knowing this, we have prepared this article for you. Throughout this…

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All You Need for an Eviction Lockout

An eviction is "expelling someone from a property; expulsion." However, it's more than forcing someone to move out for the landlord. Eviction has psychological and financial consequences for both the landlord and the tenant. Most…

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6 Smart Lock Features to Look For

Smart Locks are a great technology for adding more security to your door locks due to their convenient usage. However, many people aren’t aware of what to look for in these great products. That’s why…

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Everything You Need Know About Remote Start

Getting up to prepare for the day's activities during those cold and icy mornings could be so frustrating. Even going outside to scrape the windshield and clear away snow is another difficult task. What about…

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How to Become a Locksmith

As the name implies, locksmiths are professionals who provide various services related to locks, keys, and other devices that protect property against unauthorized access. If you’re someone who enjoys mechanics and wants to pursue a…

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What our clients says

I needed a spare key cut and programmed.  I was not in a rush but was happy when they still came the same day.  Reuben called me when he was on his way, so I didn't feel like I was…

Michael Cunningham

I got locked out of my car, the worse scenario ever especially with 3 kids on the road. I was terrified...A&A Pro Locksmith turn around was so fast, they came in few minutes opened my car, very courteous and professional. Took…

Jessica White

Locked myself out of the house. Called about 4 different locksmith.  No answer or too far from our house. Finally got to A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith LLC. The guy came on time. Had everything he needed to unlock our front…

James Fletcher

Great service and products! Re-keying our new home was a quick and smooth process thanks to this locksmith. Great suggestions by the specialist on how to navigate between the house's various doors and locks and what solutions/combinations to select.

Alan Walker