Car Key Security Tips to Follow

24 Oct

Car Key Security Tips to Follow

It is always better to safeguard your keys and fortify the security of your car. You need to be aware that your car could get missing at any time no matter how advanced the security system may be.

Recent car theft statistics from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), indicate that there were 56,000 vehicle thefts between May 2020 and March 2021. Some of those car thefts were possible because of the carelessness of the car owner – probably, keys got into the wrong hands!

So knowing good car security practices and techniques for handling car keys will go a long way to safeguarding your expensive and precious automobile.

Discover how to protect your car keys from missing or being manipulated by opportunistic thieves.

Develop the habit of having control of your keys

It is good you are working smart to pay your bills and meet other financial obligations. However, our busy schedules could increase our security vulnerabilities. Sometimes you forget your car keys at home or in the office. Other times, you close your car leaving the keys inside.

All these things happen because we are not cautious or rather disciplined about our security. Irrespective of the importance of that meeting or your busy schedule, safety, and security should be one of your priorities.

Yes, we agree that forming positive habits isn’t always easy but with self-discipline, it is achievable. Every car owner has to develop key control habits. Be aware of the position of your keys and keep them handy.

You could start by setting a reminder on your mobile phone or pasting key control tips beside your door. Anyways, develop positive habits because they affect every aspect of your life.

Turn off Keyless Entry on Your Fob

This is specifically for modern cars with keyless entry systems. Sophisticated criminals can manipulate the key and have access to your car. An effective way of keeping your car safe is by manually turning off the wireless signal.

Usually, you could follow the steps in the car manual. Contact the dealership if the manual is missing or not available. Doing this will help you avoid someone intercepting the signals from your car key fob.

Always Keep Your Vehicle Locked        

You may want to quickly step out to pick something or say hi to someone. And to you, it is needless locking the car! Whether it is for 10 seconds or less, ensure that your car is locked at all times.

A would-be attacker may sneak into your car at that moment or use other advanced techniques to steal your vehicle. Also, endeavor to lock your vehicle immediately after you get inside. It is another way of having control of your security.

Install an Alarm System and Steering Wheel Lock

Do not mind people speculating that wheel locks are outdated. Or those insinuating it is not classy. The security advantage of investing in steering wheel locks cannot be over-emphasized. It is a mechanical device for safeguarding your car. Remember, sophisticated criminals can manipulate the keyless key fobs talkless of the ordinary keys.

Steering wheel lock adds another layer of security to your car and gives you rest of mind. More so, if the alarm system of your car is not effective, we advise you get an expert locksmith to install a third-party alarm system.

Get an Expert Help

Every aspect of your car security system should be handled by an expert. From lock repairs to car key replacement, alarm system installation, and more. Let the experts at A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith help you with all your security needs to deter opportunistic thieves.

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