All You Need for an Eviction Lockout

15 Jan

All You Need for an Eviction Lockout

An eviction is "expelling someone from a property; expulsion." However, it's more than forcing someone to move out for the landlord. Eviction has psychological and financial consequences for both the landlord and the tenant. Most of the time, it happens because the tenant doesn't pay the rent regularly. Still, it can also happen because the tenant shows disturbing behaviors, damages property, or even breaks the law. However, many states allow the landlord to evict the tenant without providing a reason. They have to take the necessary legal actions beforehand. Since it's a stressful process for both parties, certain things may be overlooked. Changing the locks of a property after the eviction process is integral and should be done with care. This article will cover the steps you need to take during the eviction process as a landlord.

The Eviction Note

The first step is to give the tenant an eviction note. For this process, you cannot give a verbal warning; you have to give a note to the tenant. Generally, there are three types of notes. The first one is "pay rent or quit notices." In this type of note, the landlord gives the tenant a certain amount of time to pay the rent; otherwise, tells them to move out. In the second type of note, the landlord tells the tenant to "cure or quit." For a tenant to receive this note, they most likely violate a term in their lease agreement. The landlord tells the tenant to solve the problem or move out. Finally, the third type is called "unconditional quit notices." This one is the strictest because it doesn't give any options to the tenant and instead tells them to move out.

Filing The Eviction

If the deadline for your notice passes, you can fill out forms to start an eviction case, so you need to gather the necessary documents. During this time, the tenant should also be informed of the case with the necessary documentation. 

After The Result

At the trial, the judge will hear both sides and come to a decision. If the landlord wins by the end of the trial, they receive a judgment for possession of the property, and the tenant may have to pay all the unpaid rent. However, at this point, as a landlord, you can't simply lock the tenant out. The states have their own set of regulations and steps for removing the tenant, which should be done under the guidance of local authorities.

When Do You Need A Professional Locksmith?

After everything is settled, that's when you need a professional locksmith. To be completely safe, you should know that only you have access to your house, so a professional locksmith should perform lock replacement to all your property locks, and you may even want some additional security features. No matter what kind of steps you need to take after the eviction, at A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith, we know that safety comes first. That's why we provide you with the most reliable lockout services. Call us today to learn more about the security features and rekeying process.

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