Benefits of Having a Deadbolt Lock

07 Nov

Benefits of Having a Deadbolt Lock

When it comes to home improvement, we seem to consider the aesthetic features, interiors, and landscape. Meanwhile, functional systems in the building should also be a priority. The HVAC, plumbing lighting, and security systems also need an upgrade.

Whether your neighborhood is prone to burglary attacks or not, you have to change your standard cylinder locks to deadbolts. Having basic security will make your home susceptible to attacks but the installation of deadbolts will at least, keep them at bay. We will help you understand deadbolt locks, their grades and also outline more benefits of installing them in your home or business premises.

Deadbolt Locks

Also known as deadlocks – they are locks designed to offer more security to homes and offices. To gain access, you must use the right key or handle. Unlike spring bolt locks, deadbolts offer more resistance to force entry and manipulations.

Deadbolt Grades

Based on American National Standards Institute (ANSI) deadbolts are of three grades.

  • Grade 1

Basically, this grade of locks is designed for commercial and industrial use. They have been tested to endure 10 strikes from 75 pounds of force in addition to receiving one million openings and closures before approval.

However, nothing should stop you from installing the grade 1 locks on the entrance of your residential building. This is recommended especially when your area is prone to burglaries.

  • Grade 2

Deadbolts in this category are also good for both residential buildings and small offices. They have the same latch bolt size and also went through rigorous tests before approval.

  • Grade 3

According to ANSI, the grade 3 locks were tested to withstand 800,000 openings and closings. They are specifically recommended for residential purposes. When it comes to security, they are the least.

Benefits of Deadbolt Locks         

They Provide Superior Protection

It is obvious that the main reason we recommend deadbolts is increased security. When compared to spring bolt locks, deadbolts provide superior protection. Burglars will require more effort to break into your home when there is a grade 1 deadlock installed in your door.


Locks with high durability features show they can operate effectively and also withstand an excessive amount of stress. They offer more resistance to picking and have the ability to withstand impact.

Peace of Mind

When you know that your lock is capable of enduring excessive impact from criminals, you’d have a sound sleep! You will have peace of mind that the possibility of intruders breaking into your home is low.

Easy Installation

Though deadbolts offer increased security, they are quick and easy to install. Our lock installation team can install your deadbolt within a couple of minutes.

So what are you waiting for?

Do you need a lock installation or upgrade? Perhaps you desire increased security in your building and have been contemplating the right locks that will fit your need! Give us a call and we will install any type of deadbolt you need – from Single, double-cylinder deadbolts, to keyless locks, A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith is your one-stop service provider for all lock installation, rekeying, replacement, and access control services. Our trusted locksmiths are always courteous, professional, and punctual. Call us today.

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