Car Keys Types

25 Jun

Car Keys Types

For the most part, automotive keys are designed for granting access to the car, turning on the ignition, and other security functions as well. All car keys are not created the same, some come with attractive designs and functionalities while others are just a simple piece of metal that brings the car to life.

No matter the design or features of a car key they cannot last forever. After a while, the key might get broken in the ignition, the transponder may stop working, or your car keys might get stolen when you no longer have a spare. In such a situation, you just need a replacement and that is where your knowledge of car key types comes to play. You must understand your car's make, the security features, and the right key that can operate all functions.

Read on to understand which type of car key will be perfect when choosing a replacement.

Mechanical Keys

Popular key but probably old-fashioned. As expected, the mechanical keys are operated manually and used in older cars. The main disadvantage of this key is easy duplication. If the key gets to the wrong hands, that’s trouble!

If you are still driving the old model cars, it is time you consider a key upgrade.

Transponder Keys

They are designed with a microchip in the head for transmitting a low-level signal to the receiver in the car. Every transponder key has a unique serial number and an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). Before unlocking or closing the car door, there must be an interaction between the RFID and the receiver. If the transmitted codes match, the door will open. If not, the car owner will continue to find a way of opening the car.

Transponder keys are preferred by car owners because they are easy to use and they provide a higher level of security. The ‘hot wiring’ feature of the transponder key is the most reason people prefer it. Criminals are scared of stealing cars with transponder keys because of this feature. They cannot force the car to start if they are using the wrong transponder keys. If your car is using the old-fashioned hardware key, you need a auto locksmith to help you install transponders.

Smart Keys

Just as the name implies, smart keys gives you access to your car by only pressing a button. You can configure them to open the car doors or put on the ignition when you are close by.

It combines security and convenience with many features that protect the car owner from theft. Recent models come with digital keys, enabling you to open your car with your smartphone. In case you forget the smart key, just activate the smart key on your phone, then you are good to go.

Valet Keys

Another unique key meant for modern cars. They are installed in sports cars. The key will not give you full access to the car. Mainly, it is designed to allow valets have temporary access to the car for parking or repairs. Using the valet car key will deny you access to the trunks or glove boxes.


We hope you have learned a lot about car keys from this post. Do not hesitate to call A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith for car key replacement or when you have issues with your car keys. We have all the knowledge and experience to even activates convenient features from your car keys.

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