Are Keypad Locks Worth It?

03 Jul

Are Keypad Locks Worth It?

Security systems have evolved significantly over the years with businesses and home owners demanding better and more secure ways to keep their homes, businesses and properties safe. Keypad locks are a product of that evolution in security systems. There is a growing adoption of keypad locks today, due to the ineffectiveness of traditional locks in preventing break-ins and burglary attempts.

Where conventional locks have failed, keypad locks have succeeded, thanks to the numerous advantages that it provides in terms of security. So if you are considering switching to keypad locks and you are unsure if it is a wise decision; this article answers the question: Are keypad locks worth it?

How Do Keypad Locks Work

Unlike traditional locks, keypad locks do not require keys to be opened. The keypad lock features a backlit 10-digit keypad instead of a key. Keypad locks allow access only by entering the correct code of its 10-digit keypad. It also includes a feature that prevents the door from being unlocked for a few minutes if you input the incorrect code multiple times.

Are Keypad Locks Truly Worth It?

Keypad locks are an upgrade to traditional locks as they offer various benefits. They are also compatible with all types of locks and can be incorporated with existing locks for commercial and residential purposes. Below are a few reasons we believe keypad locks are worth it.


Keypad locks can be installed on any type of door. It is easy to install and is compatible with commercial or residential doors. This means you do not have to make major adjustments before installing keypad locks. Nevertheless, it is advisable to hire the services of a professional locksmith to assist with its installation. To guarantee better security, keypad locks can also be incorporated to existing door locks.


One of the biggest advantage of keypad locks is that it eliminates the need for keys. Keys are heavy to carry in a bunch. Much more, keys are easily misplaced and require duplication if you are expecting a distant family members or need to allow access to a tenant as a home owner. However, with keypad locks, keys are not required. As entry can be granted by punching the correct codes. Furthermore, a temporary code can be created to allow access to visitors, dog walkers, cleaners and tenants.

Enhanced Security

Keypad locks offer a greater level of security compared to traditional locks. Unlike traditional locks, keypad locks do not possess cylinder mechanisms, hence, it is impossible to be picked or bumped by intruders. The only channel that allows access with a keypad lock is by inputting the correct code.

Compatibility with Access Control System

It is possible to integrate keypad locks into an access control system. As a result, businesses can restrict access to their premises, and customize entry to sections of the business to certain employees. Unique codes can be assigned to certain departments that allow entry to sections of the building, thereby restricting access to a select few.


Switching to keypad locks is indeed worth it, especially if you are looking to upgrade the security of your home and business. If you are unsure of the right keypad locks to install, A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith is a call away. We provide residential and commercial locksmith services including lock installation, repairs and maintenance. Contact us today.

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