Why Your Car Key Remote Doesn't Work

10 Jul

Why Your Car Key Remote Doesn't Work

Convenience, turbo performance, and increased security are some of the selling points of modern cars. Consumers pay high amounts for these vehicles because of the marketing promises by the manufacturers. They expect optimum functionalities from every section of the vehicle. That is why most vehicles come with sophisticated remote key fobs to make authorized entry easy. Just by pressing a button, your car doors will open or close.

Though the key fobs exhume convenience in their designs, these key fobs can malfunction after some time – after all, they do not last forever. While key fob issues does not occur frequently, anyone with technical knowledge and simple tools can fix them. So here are some of the reasons your key fob is not working.

Dead Batteries

Lack of power due to the weakness of the batteries is the main reason most key fobs stopped working. However, before concluding that dead batteries are the problem, use a backup remote on the door (if available).

If the backup remote is working correctly, then the other one needs a change of batteries or repairs. In case the backup remote is not working, it shows you may be facing a more complex problem.

However, in some cases, vehicle owners do not have backup remotes. So the first step to resolving the problem is changing the batteries. Most car fob remotes use CR2025 or CR2032 batteries. You can buy the batteries at the local hardware store and changing them is not a big deal.

Nevertheless, if you are stuck somewhere or it is an emergency, you may have to call experts at A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith. We will send a mobile locksmith to change the batteries as well as get everything sorted out.

Damaged Transmitter or Receiver

The key fob has a transmitter programmed and paired to the receiver of your vehicle. If there is an issue with the transmitter, the interaction won’t be smooth and the remote will not function correctly. Problems with the transmitter usually happen after water exposure.

Diagnosing transmitter issues is usually difficult for non-professionals. So if your key fob is not working after changing the batteries, you need to consider calling a professional locksmith.

Broken Internal Contacts

Designed to withstand shockwaves, physical abuse could damage some internal components of the key fobs. If your toddler plays with the remote key fob or it drops on the ground frequently, then the battery terminals or the buttons could become faulty.

You can figure out this problem by doing a thorough visual inspection of the internal components. If there is a battery contact disconnect, use the soldering iron to fix the problem. Your key fob will start working once more.

Programming Issues

Most remote transmitters do not work automatically, they need proper programming to function. If your key fob suddenly stopped working and you follow the steps above without recording any success, you may need to reprogram the key fob.

Check the manual to see how to reset and reprogram the remote. Typically, cars with complex security systems will be difficult to reprogram. If there isn’t a clear process on programming the key fob from the user manual, call a locksmith for key fob programming. At A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith, we are here to assist you with all locksmith needs. Give us a call today.

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