Why Your Car Won’t Start and What To Do

07 May

Why Your Car Won’t Start and What To Do

Back then, cars were regarded as luxury and a reserve for the rich. Now, things have changed. They have become a necessity and part of our everyday lives. You can use your car for school runs, shopping at the grocery, traveling, getting to work, and more.

Imagine hopping into your car in the morning to drive to work but the ignition is not starting! You will be devastated knowing that your day could be ruined if a solution is not coming any time soon!

So what are the factors that could make the car not start and what are the solutions to such ignition problems? A lot could go wrong with your car making it not start. Below, we have explained the reasons your car not starting. In addition to the right actions to take when in such a situation.

Dead Battery

This is a major reason why your car refused to start. The battery can run down intermittently because vital parts depend on it to function. The lighting system, media (radio) ignition, and security – all depend on the battery to work.

However, some factors could contribute to the weakness of your battery;

  • The carelessness of the driver to always leave the headlamps on
  • Poor conductivity due to water infiltration
  • Bridging loose/naked wire
  • Weakness due to old age

A dysfunctioning alternator is another reason your battery is running low. The alternator charges the batteries when the car is on. If there are issues with the alternator, the battery will surely go down.


Jump-starting your car is the fastest to determine if your battery is down. If it works, then the problem might be from the alternator or that the battery is old. Consider changing old batteries and call an electrician to work on your alternator.

Damaged Starter

Apart from the battery, another reason you might refuse to start is a faulty starter. The starter is designed to activate the engine when you turn the ignition on. It is an electrical motor functioning as a mediator between the engine (pistons and crankshaft) and the ignition. Therefore you are in for an unpleasant experience if the starter is bad!

Hearing a clicking noise is a sign that your starter is in a bad shape. If this is the case, you will need an electrician to change or repair the starter.

Faulty Ignition Switch

There are vital electrical components in the ignition needed to start and run the car. If there is a disconnect, your car will not start. It could be dangerous if the disconnection happens while you are driving.


If you are a technically savvy person, you have to ensure that all components of the system including relays, fuses and the circuit are working perfectly. Then try starting the car. If not working, you can call a nearby locksmith or an electrician to check it out.

Wrapping Up

Other reasons your car is not starting could be a clogged fuel filter, battery corrosion, bad timing belt, broken or cracked distributor cap. It will take an experienced technician or locksmith to dictate and solve the problem. Contact A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith and our auto locksmith service experts will resolve all your lock and ignition issues.

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