How to Diagnose a Car Key That’s Stopped Working

14 May

How to Diagnose a Car Key That’s Stopped Working

Technological improvement in the auto industry has evolved car key remote fobs. Now, you can manage the internal car temperature during adverse weather conditions without opening the car. Having access when taking the kids to school, going for weekly shopping or a road trip can be done conveniently.

Nevertheless, your car key fob could stop working accidentally and deny you access. It hurts when things go wrong with your car because that could negatively affect your day-to-day activities. So what are the factors that could contribute to the sudden malfunctioning of the key fob and how can you diagnose it?

Here are some useful tips that will help you diagnose a car key fob that is not working.

Low Battery

The major reason for a car key fob to stop working is the battery. The lithium battery that comes with your fob is responsible for almost all the functions. Though the fob is designed to work for a long time, it may stop when you least expected it. You could suddenly notice reduced strength, and sometimes, it requires multiple clicks before you could open the door.

Such signs are evidence that the batteries of your fob are going down. Do not let the key fob to stop working before you replace the batteries. The secret to avoiding key fob emergencies is to always be observant while using it. Take action if you notice any sign of trouble (no matter how small). For instance, change the batteries if you need to come very close to your car or press it repeatedly before it works.

Worn Out Car Key

Any gadgets that depend on batteries to work will go down when it is used for a long period. That is why damaged or worn keys can stop working at any time. When the buttons of your key fob have started to worn out, it is a sign that sooner or later, it may malfunction.

Immediately you notice that the key fob is malfunctioning, try using your spare to open the door. If the spare is not available, you need to contact a professional for key fob programming. At A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith, we will send an experienced locksmith to your location to help program a new key.

Damaged Car Door Locks

Your key fob not working could be a problem from the door lock. The door will not open if the door components are dysfunctional. Check if the problem is from the door, and follow these steps to fix it.

Use Your Spare to Open the Door

Try using the spare if it is available. Check your dashboard whether it is indicating or acknowledging the key fob, if not, call a technician to fix it. An experienced locksmith can handle all the issues with your key fob. All you need is to get access to mobile locksmith that is reliable.

Call an Expert to Fix Your Key Fob

The experts at A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith are ready to help you remedy all issues with your key fob. Irrespective of the time. We have dedicated, hardworking and fast that will deliver car key replacement and also work on your security system. Additionally, you will get security options that will suit your needs and budget.

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