What to Do When You Lost House Keys?

14 Aug

What to Do When You Lost House Keys?

Did you lose the keys to your home? If help is not coming anytime soon, you could be outdoors for hours! No need to start panicking because you are not alone - NY Daily News stated that a quarter of our population misplaces their house or car keys weekly. Panicking or taking a drastic decision could cause damage to your property or endanger your life.

The good news is that there are many ways to access your home when you lose your house keys. Keep reading to get tested and trusted helpful tips.

Go Get Your Spare Key

We understand that pressure, stress, fatigue, normal forgetfulness, and other factors are reasons people lose their keys. That is why experts recommend having a spare key to your door locks. However, leaving your spare in the flower pot, under a mat, on top of the door frame or any other spot around your home is risky. Burglars have full knowledge of those spots and can take advantage of that to rob you.

Give your spare key to a trusted neighbor, a friend, or a relative, or keep it in your car. Assuming your spare key is available, then use it to open your lock. Keep reading for more tips if the spare key is out of reach.

Call Your Property Manager

Since the spare key isn’t available, we suggest you call your property manager. Some of them have master keys to every lock on their property. Calling them could be a lifesaver in this situation.

Try Another Entry Route

Apart from the front door, some properties are designed with other entry routes. Additionally, it could be possible that your windows, side doors, and back doors are unlocked. Then go around the perimeter of your property to find out if you could be lucky!

Pick the Lock

Pin tumbler locks are easier to circumvent or manipulate. Though you may need little tech skills to pull this through, there is still no harm in trying. There are many ways and tools to do this. You can use the tension wrench, paper clips, credit card, or a pick set to open the lock.

Hire a Locksmith

Assuming you could not try any of the options above or you do not have the skill set to pick the lock, then call a professional locksmith. This is your final resort because trying to open the door forcefully is not advisable. Many locksmith service providers have mobile staff that could come to your location within the shortest time possible.

At A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith, we are ready to offer a variety of services to homeowners including key replacement. Whether it is the front, patio, UPVC, or garage door, our technicians can handle it professionally.

Steps to Take After Regaining Access to Your Home

Whether you used the DIY approach or called a locksmith to gain access to your property. Here are the steps to take.

Rekey Your Locks

Taking back control of your home security is the most important thing to do. The person in possession of your home keys may have an ulterior motive. So rekey your locks to render the lost key useless!

Upgrade Your Locks

To avoid using mechanical keys and probably losing them frequently. Upgrading your lock is a better idea. Keypad or smart locks will allow you to enjoy increased security and convenience.

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