Safest Ways to Store a Spare Key

21 Aug

Safest Ways to Store a Spare Key

Criminals are continuously improving their skills in theft. These days, they are getting smarter by decoding the ways homeowners hide their keys. Most of us are used to placing keys in obvious spots like under the doormat, on top of the window frame, on false rock, and more. It could only take a criminal a few seconds to find your spare keys if you are using the old hiding approach.

It is paramount that every homeowner reviews and improves their home security strategy. Literally, your doors are left open if finding your spare key is an easy task! Be creative about the spot or location you hide your spare. Stop keeping your spares too close to the entry point or using outdated ways to hide them.

Below are creative ways to hide your keys to avoid break-ins.

Keep the Key at Your Neighbor's House

A trusted neighbor is a better option than keeping your keys in an obvious place. Before deciding on a particular neighbor to give your spare, interact with them. Listen to your instinct to know a neighbor you can work with. You can also initiate a key exchange with the said neighbor. Meaning each person reciprocates the gesture.

Give it to a Relative

Sometimes, it may be difficult to interact with your neighbors. Or perhaps, you could not find a trustworthy person in your neighborhood. Another option is to give the key to a relative staying nearby. Most relatives will be eager to help.

Keep in a Hitch Receiver Lock Box

Take advantage of the Hitch compartment in your car, RV, SUV, or truck to safely store your spare keys and even extra credit cards. Hitch Safe is an innovative key storage safe that keeps all your spare keys nearby. Your keys will be secured from intruders because the Hitch Receiver itself is a solid steel vault that is nearly impossible to break open.

Accessing your keys is simple. The hitch received is disguised with a rubber dust cover. Gently remove it to input your secret 4 number dial combination – boom, you get back the spare key!

Get Creative with Your Hiding Place

If you insist on keeping the spare key nearby, then be very creative about the spots. Before deciding on a particular spot, take a moment to think like a criminal. Doing this will help you determine if the hiding place is too obvious. You could try installing fake electrical outlets, or drain caps in front of your house.

Upgrade your Locks

You could step up your game by eliminating the key. Install keypad locks with both knobs and deadbolts and forget about keys. You will enjoy a higher level of convenience and security. Keypad locks are relatively more affordable than you think, just give them a try to enjoy headache-free locks.

Contact an Experienced Locksmith for Key Replacement

We have suggested many ways to safeguard your spare keys in this article. However, if you want to rest easy and sleep well at night, contact a skillful locksmith at A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith to upgrade your security system. We will help you install alarm systems, cameras, and smart locks.

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