What Is Lock Snapping And How To Prevent It?

16 Apr

What Is Lock Snapping And How To Prevent It?

Ever heard of the term lock snapping? Perhaps you have seen a lock that was burglarized and wonder how these criminals succeed in breaking locks? Lock snapping is a burglary technique that involves breaking the lock with a hammer and screwdriver to get into your home.

This burglary skill is also called the ‘cylinder technique’ because the cylinder is cut into two before the burglar can gain access to any space. Most burglars adopt this method because it doesn't require much skill or any special equipment. With a hammer and screwdriver, the burglar can just apply the needed force to break the lock.

So which locks can be snapped and how can a home or business owner avoid lock snapping? Read on to know how to invest in a lock cylinder to prevent lock snapping.

More Details About Lock Snapping

Lock snapping is a straightforward technique that does not require special skills. The burglar only needs to have the required tools and then apply minimal force to have his way into your apartment. A popular lock that con easily be compromised with the snapping method is the Euro profile cylinder lock. The single-cylinder make up of these locks makes it easier for burglars to snap them into two halves.

The burglar can just walk into your apartment once he snaps your locks. Therefore, you are making it rather easy for burglars to have access to your home when the only lock on your door is a single-cylinder lock.

Prevention of Lock Snapping

The first step to preventing lock snapping is to re-evaluate the locks to your entry doors. Agreeably, you have no prior information about locks snapping. However, the explanation we gave above will guide you towards understanding lock snapping and how it works. If you are still confused about identifying locks that may be vulnerable to snapping, then contact the experts at A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith. We will send a professional locksmith to help evaluate the locks on your door. After which, he will recommend the right type of lock that will protect your home and also suit your needs.

Installing the Right Locks Is the Solution to Lock Snapping

We all know that your locks are the first line of defense from intruders. Therefore, look beyond the single-cylinder locks if you want adequate protection. You need to invest in a durable and reliable lock. You can depend on a locksmith to install the right lock for you. A locksmith understands locks that have snapping and pick resistance. With the right locks fitted in your door, you will have peace of mind that your belongings are safe.

You can also take it much further by installing smart locks. This way, you will stop worrying about handling bundles of keys. What's more? Our locksmith services come at a competitive price. We're committed to your complete satisfaction when you call for any service we offer. To ensure that your key replacement, installation, or lock repair stands the test of time, let the expert from A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith handle it.

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