4 Crucial Car Security Tips to Always Keep in Mind

23 Apr

4 Crucial Car Security Tips to Always Keep in Mind

According to the data shared by Insurance Information Institute, a vehicle is stolen every 40.9 seconds in the United States. This is a disturbing statistic indicating that criminals are getting better each passing day! They now configure fake smart keys as well as techniques for stealing cars. It is then the responsibility of both car manufacturers and owners to also opt for their games in terms of security.

So what are the steps car owners should take to mitigate against these rising cases of car theft? Here are some preventative measures that will help safeguard your car so you do not become a victim of car theft.

Always Park in a Secure Area

Cars are vulnerable when they are parked in a lonely spot. Parking your car on the street or in an unsecured area gives thieves and burglars leverage. Endeavor to secure a slot in a parking lot in your office or residential area. While at home, you must ensure that you park in a locked garage or secure car park.

Also ensuring there is a CCTV at your parking lot scars thieves away as they operate in secrecy. In case you don’t have an option of parking indoors, ensure your car is parked in a high-traffic area that is well lit.

Install a Steering Wheel Lock

Experienced car thieves have perfected techniques of picking older car locks and the technologically advanced ones can hack key fobs. Therefore you need to take the security of your car to the next level by installing a steering wheel lock. It doesn’t cost a fortune to have a simple car steering lock but the benefits are numerous. It is a simple theft-deterrent that has proven to be very effective.

The older versions of steering wheel locks are not stylish making some car owners detest them. Currently, there are stylish and brightly colored steering locks that can match the interior design of many cars. Nevertheless, aesthetics is never the aim of installing a steering lock but to provide the needed security for your car. Invest in a steering lock to scare away thieves. Our emergency locksmiths can help in this regard.

Ensure Your Battery Is In Good Condition

The major challenge with key fobs is their batteries. Malfunctioning batteries have frustrated many car owners.

Imagine getting set for an appointment only to discover that you can’t have access to your car because the battery is down. Apart from the frustration of dead batteries, it could decrease your security because you will be forced to lock the car manually. For that reason, you should always check the battery to ensure it is working properly.

Always Secure Your Car Keys

Sometimes, criminals succeed because of the carelessness of car owners. Busy professionals keep their car keys anyhow in the office and some expose the location of their spare keys. If the car keys get into the hands of the wrong person, they could get duplicated or reconfigure the key fob.

Need a Professional?

You should always ensure that your car keys are in a safe place that is not accessible to all and sundry. Always be careful about the position of your car keys. For assistance in car key replacement upgrading or installing new locks for your car, do not hesitate to call the experts at A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith.

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