Signs You Need to Replace Your Front Entry Door

13 Mar

Signs You Need to Replace Your Front Entry Door

Your front door is easily one of the most fascinating parts of your building. It’s the one that catches the attention of people when first entering your home and also the one that keeps unwanted intruders away. That’s why it’s important to take great care of your door and make sure it has no problems. Call a nearby locksmith from A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith if you ever need a repair or a new door installation. Below are some signs that indicate you should be replacing your front door.

Trouble Closing and Opening

Whenever you start to realize your door getting stuck frequently or getting harder to close, it’s an obvious sign to replace your door. Don’t insist on carrying on with a damaged door. If you continue to scrape and push a door that is clearly not functioning the way it should anymore, it can lead to further damage if not replaced. Call professional door contractors and discuss the best door options for your new front door.


A drafty door brings air leaks into your home. During cold or hot weather, the air that sneaks in through your drafts can cause you to strain your HVAC system, leading to high energy bills. To test if your door has drafts, you can place a candle near your door. If it sways or flickers, then it is because of air that is sneaking in through the drafts.

Weathering and Age

After a certain amount of time, your door reaches its maximum life limit. Due to age and ongoing weather damage, it starts to have chips, cracks, peels, and other signs of a weakened and worn-down door. Once your door is no longer in a state that can be used, it is time to get a new one.

Loose Hinges and Cracks

It’s normal for doors to have loose hinges and squeak. You can grab a screwdriver and secure it back in its place. However, if the squeaking happens frequently, it may be a sign that your door is the problem. If you feel like fixing your door hinge is becoming too frequent for your liking, call a locksmith and ask to replace your door. Another reason to replace your door is because of dents and cracks on it that clearly show it needs to be replaced. A damaged door can allow robbers easier access and also display an unpleasant sight.

Mold, Rust, and Insects

A wet, damaged door welcomes rot, insects, and mold. If your door is made of wood, replacing it with a more durable material like steel would be a good option. It can protect your property more successfully and look more appealing. Wooden doors can also lead to termite infection. This can lead to more troubling problems, such as pest control and restoration throughout the entire property.

Why put yourself through the trouble of dealing with an old door that can’t be used properly instead of upgrading? Save yourself the hassle and call A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith to help you pick out your new front door. Knowing the signs of needing to upgrade your door can just speed up the process of choosing your new pick.

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