How to Remove a Broken Padlock 

05 Mar

How to Remove a Broken Padlock 

Padlocks have been around for ages and have served as one of the quickest security tools to keep criminals at bay. Although it may not be as sophisticated as other locks, it sure does a great job. However, just like every other security tool, a padlock can be broken for various reasons. A padlock can either be temporarily broken due to jammed shackles or permanently broken due to a faulty mechanism.

Unfortunately, finding out whether the padlock is broken for good or can still be fixed is tricky which makes a lot of people result into destructive removal. There are various ways to remove a broken padlock and we’ve listed them in this article.

Lubricate the Padlock

A padlock that is not often used, or is always exposed may be broken due to the accumulation of debris clogging the mechanism and shackles. In dealing with a broken padlock, the first thing to do is to lubricate every opening which includes the keyway and the shackle holes.

Lubrication will allow the debris and dirt to slide past each other giving way for the padlock parts to move and function properly. Once lubricated, insert your key and try unlocking the padlock. If this method proves abortive, time to move on to the next step.

Shim the Shackles

This method depends on the type of padlock in use because not all padlocks can be shimmed. Padlocks with ball bearings– shackles that have moon crescent cuts cannot be shimmed. Only padlocks with locking pawls– shackles that have squared or hook-squared cuts can be shimmed. Once you’ve determined the type of padlock you use, get a shim (or make one out of a soda can, if you know how) and insert it between the shackle and the lock body, press down the shim until the padlock opens. Although this sounds simple, it surely requires some skill and a few trials.

Cut the Lock 

Once the two methods above don’t work, you have no choice but to cut the ends of the locks, especially if you badly want access to your property. Most padlocks are not strong enough to withstand being cut, so you don’t have to worry whether it will be possible. To cut your locks, get a pair of bolt cutters, angle grinders, or hacksaw and cut from the shackles which are always the tiniest part of the lock.

Drill the Lock

Drilling your lock is another destructive method you can opt-in for. If you’re drilling your lock for the first time, the padlock may likely be unusable afterward but if you want your padlock to be usable after drilling, then it’s best to contact a locksmith in Cooper City. When drilling, you want to drill out your shear line to unlock the padlock.

Contact a Locksmith 

The best thing to do when dealing with a broken lock is to contact a locksmith. At A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith, our experts specialize in solving every lock-related problem. We have the knowledge and expertise to remove a broken lock and also offer other locksmith services. Call us today.

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