Should I Change My Locks After Buying a Home

22 Jan

Should I Change My Locks After Buying a Home

A home purchase is one of the significant investments an individual could make. It comes with a lot of excitement. However, after all the documentation comes to another daunting task of moving in. You will have many things on your to-do list including packing/unpacking, cleaning, renovation, decoration, and more.

Unfortunately, most homeowners seem to forget an important aspect of a functional apartment – home security.

Though the locks may look intact, you may never know how many associates of the former tenant had access to your keys. Even new houses are not exempted! The plumbers, electricians, painters, interior decorators, and the realtor must have accessed the apartment before renting it out. Invariably, a copy of your key may be out there with an unknown person. That means you do not have total control of your security!

That is why we recommend lock installation or rekeying to new homeowners. Here are other reasons new homeowners should change their locks

For Safety and Your Peace of Mind

You are the boss after the purchase of your new home. So you should take total control of every aspect of the building including the security infrastructure. If you change your locks, you will have peace of mind knowing that no intruder could have access to your home.

Irrespective of your relationship with the past owner, you should go ahead and change the locks. Who knows how disciplined he was - it is possible other acquaintances or friends of the former owner had access to your keys. Your peace of mind about the security of your home and loved ones is paramount, with no compromises.

To Comply with the Insurance Policy

The insurance companies frown at carelessness. If they find out that the key used to break into your home is a duplicate, they may decline your claims request. An intruder or burglar should break your lock or damage the door before having access to your home.

In case they went in seamlessly with a matching key, it will be difficult for you to get anything from the insurance company. That is why the security of your home should be paramount the moment you move in. It is a good idea to check the policy to understand the area it covered.

Old and Worn-Out Locks

It is difficult to see a worn-out lock in a newly acquired building. Try to check the locks immediately you move in. If they are old and worn out, you need to change them as soon as possible.

Security Upgrade

Installing smart locks in your new home will provide both convenience and security. It also portrays you in the neighborhood as a trendy and fast-thinking individual.

Contact a Professional Locksmith

If you are not comfortable with the security of your new home, you can contact us at the earliest. We will evaluate the security system of your home and provide a lasting solution.

A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith is a top-ranked locksmith service provider. We will help you install suitable yet affordable locks. Contact our locksmith for lock replacement, lock installation, repairs, or rekeying.

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