Professional Guide to Commercial Door Lock Replacement

15 Jan

Professional Guide to Commercial Door Lock Replacement

Replacing a commercial door as a do-it-yourself project can be confusing and requires technical skills. But an expert knowledge of how it is done should be critical. The right information will help companies communicate clearly to professional locksmiths or repair the door lock themselves.

Here are some simple steps to replace basic locks and push bars in your home and commercial facility.

Basic Locks

Essential tools for basic lock replacement:

  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Phillips-head screwdriver (for certain types of locks)
  • Small nail


The knob door lock is a popular basic lock. It has the lock built right in and the installation is easy. Remove the bolt plate once the door is open, then bring out the cylinder set screw before inserting a working key. Turn and leave the key and remove any threaded cylinder inside, then insert a new cylinder while the new key is still inside. Tighten the cylinder until resistance is met, test the lock, and input the bolt plate.

Push Bars

You also need the same tools for removing the push bar. The first step is to remove any visible bolts and carefully pull the push bar from the door. Tighten a new pull bar and tighten bolts. It’s a simple procedure that will take fifteen to twenty minutes.

What to Consider Before Replacing a Commercial Door Lock

With the knowledge of how door lock works, and with the right tools, anyone vying to replace door locks should consider the following factors:

  • Security and Privacy

These are the main reasons for using a lock on a door. While replacing a door lock, ensure that the replacement key can hardly be bumped or picked. Select locks that have security pins that are hard to bump. Be fully aware of loopholes in your chosen lock, and install other security appliances to help cover any vulnerability.

  • Life Span

Commercial locks are built stronger than residential locks and are expected to last longer. With each twist and turn, internal components of a key experience a reduction in their ability to rust and wear. To be on the safe side, buy high-end commercial locks that can withstand pressure. Companies should invest in Grade 1 door locks two times stronger than Grade 2 and have twice the lifespan.

  • Key Control

Commercial businesses with many workers need to review and improve the ownership of keys. While replacing a commercial door lock with no prior use of a master key system, decision-makers should consider implementing it. For companies using a master key system before, consult a professional locksmith to repin the replacement locks using master wafers. Limit unauthorized access to critical areas by using the lock profile as the replaced master keys.

  • Rekeying

If the door locks have not been compromised, rekeying should be considered instead of total replacement. Change and increase the pins to ensure better security. Rekeying involves changing the internal components of the lock. The procedure will render the old keys useless. If the homeowner can afford the procedure, it may be necessary to replace all the door locks

If you want a professional locksmith for door lock replacement, call the A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith. We have all it takes to deliver a satisfactory service.

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