Pros and Cons of Keyless Door Locks

23 Jul

Pros and Cons of Keyless Door Locks

The popularity of keyless entry locks is rising rapidly as it penetrates residential and commercial facilities. They offer relative convenience and numerous security features to their teaming users.

If you constantly open the door for a careless teenager or you are tired of fumbling for keys whenever you are at the front door, then, you should consider installing keyless locks. However, having keyless door locks doesn’t necessarily mean you are totally protected from criminals and burglars. They also have their flaws!

So we have presented the pros and cons of keyless door locks in this article. Have an interesting read.

Pros of a Keyless Entry System

No Need for Keys

Homeowners whose buildings are massive will understand the hustle involved in handling a bunch of keys. Sometimes you may spend up to ten minutes in the morning searching for just a key!

Opening and closing your door without a key is an obvious benefit of the keyless lock. It was the marketing pitch years back when it was introduced in the market. Those who constantly forget their keys in the office and the careless ‘wives’ always leaving their keys at the grocery cannot do without the keyless lock.

Large households will not have any need to hide an extra key under the foot mat, rug, or flower pot. Everyone will have a digital key or code to access the house.

Key Duplication and Compromises will be a thing of the past

You cannot lose sleep because your key went into the wrong hands and got duplicated. Key duplication plays a big role in the rising cases of burglary. These criminals have special tactics of accessing people’s keys and eventually duplicating them.

But with keyless door locks, it is literally impossible to guess your code. So getting access to your home becomes a difficult task. As a business owner, no need to keep rekeying your locks because of disloyal team members. All you have to do is disable their details in the system and they will no longer have access to your business premises.

Also, keypads are not the only type of keyless door locks. Depending on your needs and budget, you can install locks using Bluetooth technology, access card, or fingerprint scans.

Provide Temporary Access to Friends and Family

You can provide temporary codes to friends and family members needing to use your home while you are on vacation. Generate the code from the app and send it via email or any messaging app. Dog walkers, handymen, and gardeners can get temporary access to your garage or other non-sensitive areas when you are not around.

Cons of Keyless Entry Locks

Possible System Failure

The system could fail unexpectedly. As a result, you could be locked out of your home. Keyless entry system failures are more complicated to troubleshoot when compared to mechanical lock damages.

Data Breach

The Bluetooth keyless entry locks can be manipulated by criminals using sophisticated software. Cases are not rampant though the manufacturers claim to develop technology to tackle and minimize the activities of hackers.

Difficulty in Connecting Bluetooth Devices

Sometimes, the battery-powered Bluetooth keypad door locks fail to connect due to weak batteries and system failures.

We hope that the analysis and description of the pros and cons of keypad locks will help you make an intelligent buying decision. If you need a locksmith for keyless lock installation, do not hesitate to call A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith. We will send someone to install the locks.

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