How to Remove a Stuck Key in a Lock?

31 Jul

How to Remove a Stuck Key in a Lock?

After a tiring day at work, one of the worst experiences is getting your key stuck in the lock! Usually, you will try to jiggle it out of the keyhole, but be careful, you could end up breaking the key.

First off, calm down. Your frustrating situation is quite understandable.

Luckily anyone having simple tools or regular household items can remove a stuck key from the lock. All you need is to follow the tips in this guide.

Reasons Your Key Stuck In Lock

Nonalignment between the rough edges of your key and the lock pins can cause your key to get stuck inside the lock. Rough edges could be caused by allowing your kids to play with the keys or using the keys for other things.

Your locks getting old could be another reason for their keys to get stuck inside them. Most times, the reason keys get stuck in older locks is that there is a loose plug that does not turn completely. Loosen components in old locks are another reason keys get stuck.

Therefore, to prevent lock emergencies, one of the preventive measures is to change all old locks on your door.

Push the Plug

Your key getting stuck is usually unplanned. You may not have access to lubricants or other simple tools for removing a stuck key. Pushing in the plug does not need any tool, only knowing how it works. Check if the plug is loose (the small section surrounding the keyway), then push your key in as far as it will go.

The next step is to gently turn your key. Ensure that it is in a straight position. This way, the key tumblers will align in the cylinder. While holding the key also push the plug in as far as possible. Gently turn and pull the key out.

In many instances, that’s all it takes to remove your stuck key.

Lubricate the Lock

The key may be hanging on the tumbler pins. Rough edges or imperfect copies can cause this to happen (as we stated earlier). Get WD-40 with a tiny straw nozzle that can get into spaces as tight as a keyhole.

  • Ensure you hold the application straw directly on the hole and spray
  • Wait for a minute to get the key out from the hole.

Check if the key has rough edges, and file it to avoid this from reoccurring.

Use Graphite Powder

If the WD-40 isn’t working or not available, then use graphite powder. Try as much as possible to fill the lock with graphite powder. Gently shake the stuck key and remove it.

For broken keys stuck on the lock use the super glue type adhesive which is available in nearby stores to get out the key. Apply the glue on something strong like wire, or pin. Torch the visible part of the key and remove it.

Seek Help from a Locksmith

In case you have tried all the tips above and the key is still stuck in the lock, do not be disappointed because you have given it your best shot. Call a professional locksmith for help. At A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith, our experts can help retrieve your stuck keys. We also offer key replacement and other services.

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