How to Fix a Key That Won’t Turn

26 Dec

How to Fix a Key That Won’t Turn

You have the key in the lock, but it won’t budge. As frustrating as this situation can be, it is a scene that plays out every day. Most of us will deal with this problem from time to time, so it’s nice to be prepared with solutions. At A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith, we provide residential and commercial mobile locksmith services for local Miami, Florida, area customers. We understand how annoying it can be to have a key that won’t turn the lock. Here are the five most common reasons why this can happen and what you can do to fix the problem.

Incorrect Key 

One of the most frequent causes of a stubborn lock is that the person is accidentally using the wrong key. After all, keys often look very similar to one another in style, shape, and size. Trying a different key may help. To avoid this situation in the future, consider putting it on a separate key ring or investing in a key replacement with a unique design.

Jammed Lock

If your lock is making a strange noise when you attempt to turn the key, then your lock could be jammed. This often happens when debris makes its way inside the lock mechanism. First, try using some WD-40 inside the keyway to see if you can get the lock to turn. If it doesn’t work after a few attempts, it’s best to call a locksmith. You don’t want to damage the lock or the key accidentally.

Freezing Temperatures 

Has the temperature dipped below freezing? If so, then ice may have built up inside your lock, keeping your key from being able to get all the way inside. A liquid deicing agent may be carefully applied inside your lock to help thaw it out. Be careful, though, as products that contain corrosive chemicals could damage your lock.

Worn Out Lock

Another possibility is that your lock is past its prime and has rusted or become damaged due to prolonged wear and tear or weather exposure. If this is the case, then a new lock is probably the only solution. A mobile locksmith will have the tools and equipment needed to switch out your locks for a new one in no time.

Worn Out Key 

It is also possible that the key itself has become weakened, or the ridges might have been worn down due to overuse or mistreatment. If this has happened, then the key may no longer fit correctly inside the lock, and you won’t be able to turn it. Therefore, a new key may need to be made to ensure that it works correctly from now on.

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