What Cars Have Smart Keys?

21 Nov

What Cars Have Smart Keys?

The unique technology used in designing and producing smart keys has made car locking and unlocking just a tap away. Smart keys are meticulously designed for your convenience! Modern car manufacturers have leveraged technology to help car owners manage access and security.

However, some potential consumers are still wondering what cars have smart keys. This is because most people cannot differentiate between transponder and smart keys. Though they perform similar functions, smart keys have more convenience and security. Both key types can be used to lock, unlock and start the ignition. The major difference is that smart key offers hands-free operations using the phone-as-a-key system technology. They are digital – meaning, you can conveniently access your car without the physical keys! So what cars use this technology?


Having access to your Tesla vehicle has never been easier. Instead of having a regular key, TESLA owners can use their smart phones to unlock, drive and lock their cars. The phone-as-a-key technology has made accessing their cars a bit more convenient. Depending on your preference, your smartphone could interact with your car when nearby.

The new Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé

This a unique Mercedes model designed to take car owners into the future. Forget the traditional car keys if you desire to buy the new Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé. You can conveniently unlock, drive, open the trunk, operate both AC and other features using your smart device. It comes with a pre-installation you can rely on. So all you have to do is integrate and activate Mercedes me user accounts on your smartphone.

The Mercedes Me app will let you see the security status, identify defective components, get fuel levels and do much more than you can imagine. Digital keys have come to stay and the earlier you brace it, the better for you in terms of security. 

The Honda Passport

Think about those winter mornings when you need to go heat up your car! You do not have to go through that if you drive a Honda passport. Stay in your sitting room, power your car using the smartphone, and put on the heater. Within a short period, you can hop in and make the commute.

Apart from the spacious seating and adequate performance of the Honda passport, the car comes with unique digital technology. With The HondaLink® app, you can operate a wide range of connected services.

Porsche Cars

The Porsche brand has come a long way over the years – they need no introduction. Porsche has pioneering design, and advanced technology and stands out in a crowded garage. Porsche Taycan, Classic, 911, and Turbo; all come with digital keys. The security system and key technology of Porsche are top-of-the-line.

Using the digital keys is simple. You have to download the My Porsche app and follow the prompts to integrate your car. Also in the app, you can have access to digital operating manuals and supporting videos to make the process seamless.

Wrapping Up

Other car models using digital keys are Lincoln Navigator, Genesis G90, Hyundai Palisade, Kia Niro, and more. The fact is that keyless or digital key technology is gaining traction and you shouldn't be left behind. If you love the convenience and safety such keys provide, then take advantage of our car key replacement services. Get in contact with the friendly locksmiths at A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith. We have proven track records of working on different kinds of car security systems.

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