Questions To Ask Before Replacing a Deadbolt

12 Feb

Questions To Ask Before Replacing a Deadbolt

To an extent, the ductility and strength of your locks determine the security of your home. This is because the locks play a critical role in defending your home and business against intruders. It will be easier for a burglar to manipulate a cylinder lock and very hard to pass through a deadbolt. For that reason, you must ask certain questions and consider some factors before changing your deadbolt.

Here are some questions that will help you make an informed decision while changing your deadbolts.

Why Should I Replace My Deadbolt Lock?

The need to replace a deadbolt does not arise suddenly. There should be reasons why you have decided to change the deadbolt. Popular reasons for deadbolt replacement are:

Broken or Malfunctioning Deadbolt

There must be a reason behind a broken deadbolt. If it is a break-in attempt, then you have to report to the authorities and also upgrade your locks. A weak and worn-out deadbolt can also break suddenly. Sometimes, it will start to malfunction before it breaks.

Security Upgrade

Another potent reason for changing your deadbolt is when you need to upgrade the security of your home. Perhaps you are no longer comfortable with the current deadbolt and you want to upgrade to a high-security lock. Therefore, knowing why you need an upgrade is the most important step before changing your deadbolt.

Should I Install the New Deadbolt on My Old Door?

Sometimes, you need to change the door and not the deadbolt. Installing a new lock on a weak door is a waste of resources. The door may give way by just a kick from the burglars. So before investing in a new lock, you have to be certain that the door can also withstand a forceful attack by criminals.

Which Option is Better – Standard or Electronic Deadbolts?

If you are using the traditional deadbolt, you may want to change or upgrade to the electronic type. Recently, deadbolts can be operated via smartphones and electronic keypads.

Though there are varying schools of thought as to the most secured amongst the two types of deadbolts. However, we recommend you give the electronic type a try. No more lock-out emergencies and you won't be moving around with a bunch of keys. Give us a call for the installation of both types of deadlocks.

What is the Right Measurement for Deadlock Installation?

Using the right measurement is specifically for those upgrading their deadbolts. If your lock is malfunctioning and you want to replace it with the same kind of lock from the same manufacturer, then you don’t have to worry about measurements. Homeowners upgrading their locks should measure the holes in the door, the diameter and length of the deadbolt to match the door.

There are differences in deadbolt holes. Remember that any measurement missed out during the installation may cause tremendous issues for the client.

Should You Hire a Professional for Lock Change?

The answer is yes! You need a locksmith in Cooper City, FL to ensure the proper installation of your locks. Though some homeowners will prefer the DIY option, it is not economical in the long run. You might make a mistake while installing the deadbolts. And that will put every member of your family in danger. Locksmiths have all the required tools and experience to handle all types of locks. Allow us to help you install your locks so you focus on other important things.

Call A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith for all your lock replacement needs and get optimum services.

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