How to Program a Key Fob

28 May

How to Program a Key Fob

Car key fobs also referred to as electronic car keys are small remote devices designed to control the doors, alarms, trunk, and entire security system.

Since its invention many years ago, the key fob has been effective in providing car owners with many conveniences. You can open or close your car doors without selecting keys from a bunch. No worries about key breaking or unauthorized duplication of your car keys.

However, like other electronic devices, the key fob could damage or malfunction. Do not freak out when you notice that the key fob is no longer working because you can reprogram it without having to call a dependable locksmith. We have given the inside scope on the right steps to reprogram the key fob in this article.

Step 1: Replace the Battery

The need to replace the key fob comes when you notice that the device isn’t working properly. We recommend you change the batteries before going through the rigorous reprogramming process. After the battery replacement, test to see if it is working. In case the problem persists, try the next option.

Step 1: Turn On the Ignition

Get inside the car and ensure that all doors are closed. Insert the ignition key and partially turn on the electrical systems. Note that you should not fully turn on the ignition. Ensure that your car key and any electronic fobs are readily available.

Step 2: Put the Car On A Programmable Mode

Start by turning the ignition "ON" and "OFF" eight times. You need to do this within 10 seconds. Then the door will automatically lock and unlock to indicate that the vehicle has gone into programming mode.

Step 3: Push Any Button on Your Key Fob

Place the fob in front of the transmission situated in front of the car, above the mirror. Then press it for approximately five minutes. After which, turn on the remote and press the lock buttons. Ten seconds after pressing the button, you will notice the locks cycle.

Step 4: Put off the Ignition

Just like rebooting a computer, you have to put off the ignition at this time to shut down the whole electrical system of the car.

Step 5: Repeat the Process

You have to repeat the process two to three times to completely reprogram the key fob. So you have to turn on the ignition switch, hit the lock button on the key fob, and then turn the ignition off again three more times.

Step 6: Check If It Is Working

You have to test the key fob to know if you have successfully reprogrammed it. Come out of the car, lock and unlock the doors to ensure the key fob is working correctly. For sure, you will keep enjoying your key fob if you followed the above procedure.

Consult a Professional

Though the above procedure looks easy, reprogramming a fob key can be tricky. For starters, it will take time before you could succeed. So if you do not have the patience and necessary skills for fob programming or other technical assignments, we recommend you consult a locksmith. At A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith, we offer key fob programming services that are designed to suit any budget. Call us today to get your fob keys reprogrammed.

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