Guide For Getting a New Car Key

14 Dec

Guide For Getting a New Car Key

Years back, manufacturers designed cars with the same security configuration and mechanisms. Owners were able to manipulate car security systems without stress. And anyone with simple tools can offer car key replacement services without passing through rigorous training and certification process. However, things have changed. 
These days, different manufacturers and brands come up with dynamic security system designs. They design many modern car keys with transponder chips, keyless ignition fobs, key remotes, and biometric locks. Key duplication and manipulation have become impossible!
To offer car key replacement service, you will have to pass through locksmith training and certification procedure. Even after your training, new model cars with complex security systems may be introduced into the market. Therefore, locksmiths have to be trained consistently to get updated with the recent technology.
However, here are the cheapest and quickest ways to get a new car key made.

Contact a Mobile Auto Locksmith

Contacting an experienced locksmith for car key replacement is the cheapest, fastest, and most reliable option. Mobile locksmiths carry key programming equipment that will enable them to deliver the service onsite. For example, the professionals at A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith can work on different types of keys and car models.
Do not consider DIY options when it comes to car key replacement, especially for modern cars. You need to understand programming and its interactions with hardware before reprogramming a fob key.
So key installation, repair, or replacement should be the responsibility of professional locksmiths.

Car Key Replacement Near Me

The online search for key replacement near me is one of the fastest ways of getting help during lockouts. Most times, the need for new car keys comes when you least expect. Though you can get replacement car keys online, the delivery may take days.
Even after receiving the key ordered online, you will need the service of a professional for installation. This proves that car owners should rely on the expertise of a nearby or mobile locksmith for help.
A nearby garage is another option when searching online for emergency key replacement services. Though they are usually expensive and slow, you might get the right service luckily.

Roadside Assistance Services

Some vehicle breakdown services may help when you have an emergency lock issue. However, the downside of relying on roadside service is that some companies lack the expertise to work on modern car security systems.
More so, their services are not usually fast. While calling roadside service, you have to provide all information about your car – name, year, brand, and type or security system.

Car Dealership

The car dealership has all the replacement keys and also the advanced equipment for key fob programming. Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages of relying on the car dealership like delay and expensive services. Also, they do not provide mobile services. So you must tow your car to their workshop – that also adds to the cost and stress.

Our Recommendation 

From all indications, calling a professional locksmith remains the best option when you need a car key replacement service. At A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith, we have the necessary key programming and diagnostic equipment to deliver any service on-site. Give us a call whenever you need a new car key, we will be there to deliver.

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