3 Times You Should Replace Your Locks

11 Sep

3 Times You Should Replace Your Locks

Everyone needs adequate security for their businesses to thrive and to have peace of mind at home. When it comes to securing our homes against would-be criminals, the lock becomes our first line of defense. The lock is that hardware that restricts intruders from trespassing our homes and businesses.

Apart from protection, the lock improves accessibility to our property. But when the lock starts malfunctioning, some homeowners are usually confused about whether to repair or buy whole new hardware.

Before making the decision, try understand the difference between lock repair and replacement. Lock repair is about changing some internal or external components of the lock that may be deficient. For example, a locksmith can help you fix or replace pins and springs within the lock cylinder. On the other hand, lock replacement involves removing the old hardware and replacing it with a new or upgraded product.

So when is it paramount for a home or business owner to consider lock replacement?

A Break-In Situation!

Every break-in victim is usually traumatized! It is so difficult to evaluate the losses knowing what you passed through acquiring those valuable properties. The first step after every break-in is to stay away and call the police. Yes, you desire to get into your home to evaluate the lost items. But that could contaminate the crime scene. However, if the result of the investigation isn’t positive, those items are gone for good.

Then move on with your life! However, consider upgrading your locks to help scare away criminals or minimize successive attacks.

Broken or Damaged Beyond Repair

Old locks may get rusted and weathered or in an attempt to break into your home, thieves may damage your locks. Rusted internal pins may cause your key to getting stuck frequently. Also with time, it becomes difficult turning the keys while attempting to close your doors. When notice such inefficiencies in your locks, consider a total change of the hardware.

Lifestyle change could be another reason to change your locks. You mustn’t wait for them to get damaged or broken. If your career has taken a new turn and your status in society has changed. You wouldn’t want your visitors or guests to see the ordinary locks on your door. Go for an upgrade that will match your quintessential lifestyle.

When you Moved in

It is usually a dream come through moving into our property. If it is a previously occupied property, we recommend you change the locks. Those locks may be old and dysfunctional. Meaning you could be an easy target for burglars. More so, it will be a difficult task tracking those in possession of the key copies. For such reasons, you need to have control of your security. And a smart way of doing that is changing the locks.


Other reasons you should consider lock replacement is when you lost your keys, divorce or relationship break up. Irrespective of the situation, ensure you hire a professional locksmith to do the job. A&A Aventura Pro Locksmith is a pacesetter in the industry when it comes to lock replacement, repairs, and installation of sophisticated security systems. Feel free to schedule a service appointment with our experts today.

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